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Glen Kowalski

Founder of Palm Tree Research and Renegade News

- Renegades Reject the Status Quo While Building Large Businesses Without Falling into the Corporate Trap  -

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The founder of Palm Tree Research, Glen is dedicated to the pursuit of personal, financial, and location independence. 

A fierce freedom fighter, Glen's true passion is helping entrepreneurs and other libertarians, voluntarists, agorists and freedom seekers who want to find complete and total freedom and liberty. In essence, to live without borders.

His work has appeared in and/or been used by Microsoft, International Living, Sovereign Society, David Morgan Report, Wall Street Daily, Hemisphere Publishing, and several other well-known businesses and publications.

Glen is living what he teaches, as a Renegade Entrepreneur in the Republic of Panama, where he helps successful influencers, experts, course creators, info-marketers and other freedom-focused entrepreneurs worldwide break free from the system, pay less tax, and live anywhere in the world they want.

Meet The Author Glen Kowalski

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