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Systemizing and automating your business with this 5-Mechanism methodology multiplies your revenue and frees your time for travel, spreading your message, leisure, family, and growing your business.

Are You an Unconventional Entrepreneur?


Most Freedom Business Owners Struggle getting New Leads and Sales Consistently

  • 80% of new businesses fail in the first 18 months. And up to 95% are gone in 5 years because they're missing out on a constant flood of new leads and sales.
  • Follow up failure is the largest missed opportunity in business industry wide resulting in 70% or more missed opportunities.
  • Most business owners become slaves to their businesses because they constantly chase new leads and sales, instead of finding the independence they deserve.

But by Systemizing and Automating, You Grow Revenue, Work Less, and Eliminate Follow Up Failure

  • Conversion strategies proven to convert leads and sales for you, turning your marketing and sales into a client generating machine.
  • Leads are followed up with automatically, feeding only the hottest leads to your sales team, and driving hot prospects into your sales process, easily doublng your revenue in less than 12 months.
  • Marketing automation runs the entire system for you, freeing you up to pursue the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.











Increase Leads and Sales Conversions on Autopilot...

  • Proven Conversion Strategies

    Increase your revenue so you can live the life of freedom you’re searching for, because revenue grows as your time commitment shrinks.

  • Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Systems

    More that just theory, get a complete lead generation and sales system. Even if you have no experience generating online leads or building marketing funnels, these systems will work for your business.

  • More Free Time for You

    The system creates automatic processes that run in the background, on autopilot, while you’re sailing, diving, hanging out at the beach, growing your business, or spending time with friends and loved ones.

  • Built Specifically for Independence Seeking Entrepreneurs

    No one wants to be a slave to their business. But as a liberty focused entrepreneur or digital nomad, the thought of those chains makes your skin crawl. Free your time to do as you please by automating your sales and lead generation.

An automated path to real lifestyle independence

More leads and sales

There's only three ways to grow a business and start feeling the success you're looking for.

Get more leads... Turn more leads into sales... And increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Learn how to optimize all 3 and get action steps for automating the entire process so you enjoy your new independent lifestyle.



The Unconventional Entrepreneur Automatic Marketing System is easy to read, and easy to follow. But chock full of online marketing and automation advice that's working like crazy, today, in the real world.

About the author

Glen Kowalski...

Helps high-level liberty and freedom focused business owners, digital nomads, and other "Unconventional" entrepreneurs increase productivity and profit by systemizing and automating their businesses.

Glen is living what he teaches, as an Unconventional Entrepreneur in the Republic of Panama, where he helps successful business owners worldwide create high converting automatic marketing funnels, discover blindspots in their marketing, and spread their message.

He also scuba dives, and swims in the ocean daily.


Why he wrote this book...

Growing up in a small business family, Glen saw his parents struggle with the feast or famine yo-yo of getting enough customers into their business.

Glen started his first beach business at 17, but was then pulled away by the Air Force, as well as the impressive, but soul sucking, stint of climbing the corporate ladder with companies such as Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer.

When he finally realized the beach was where it was at, he dove full force into his personal mission to find freedom from Corporate America and began searching for escape. He discovered his path with automatic online customer acquisition funnels and solid back end marketing strategies.

Glen whole-heartedly embraces his passion for freedom and independence and therefore attracts  liberty focused business owners, digital nomads, and other unconventional entrepreneurs sharing their message and making a difference in the world.

Even Unconventional Entrepreneur see the world differently, they struggle with what is a universal problem no matter what kind of entrepreneur you are... generating leads and sales. And / or growing their businesses to the next level.

Glen understands the desire for freedom and independence, but also knows, in order to have that lifestyle, you need to be able to sell your products. It's his calling to uncover marketing blind-spots and optimize your funnels, copy, and message so you can just chill back and enjoy your international, off-the-grid, or beach based life.

Be an Independent Unconventional Entrepreneur

  • Uncover optimizations in the 3 places you can grow your business - Getting more leads, converting more leads into clients, and increasing average lifetime value.
  • Increase conversions at each stage of the sales pipeline so you can double your revenue or more this year.
  • Easily automate everything, so you can free up your time to dive, surf, travel, or spread your message.
  • Easy to follow steps for attracting more leads so you're always bringing new prospects to your business.
  • Much more...

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