Who is a Renegade?

Simply put, a Renegade is the guy or gal who's willing to take responsibility for their own life so they can do what they want, when they want, with who they want, anywhere they want. They're the rebels... The super stars... The entrepreneurs and investors and those who want to be.

They reject the "American Dream" of 2-hour long commutes to 50+ hour work weeks. They hate reporting to a cubicle 50 weeks per year and only having 2 weeks of vacation per year. And the thought of repeating that for 45 years until they retire makes them want to puke.

They desire lives as completely independent from the system as possible. In mind, body, spirit, and business…They're willing to work at it... And know it is worth it.

However, you won’t be able to structure your Renegade lifestyle by the book. Because the book is being written by you. We do the research that gives you the knowledge and tools you need to write and design your own plan. And the Renegade Movement is going to d change the world.

Calling All Renegades...

We're creating a movement of entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to break free from "the system", pay less tax, and live anywhere in the world they choose.

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Break Free From Bankers

The banking and monetary system is corrupt and is designed to line the pockets of a few rich and powerful elite entities.

But it’s possible to break free from their grasps while continuing to operate in their system when necessary.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, becoming your own banker, and several other strategies are proven to help you become independent from the bank.

Break Free from Bureaucrats

Take back control over your life by banking, investing, and doing business where they want your business and treat you right. Follow the rules you want to follow. Build self-sufficiency into everything you do, so that you never have to rely on the government or anyone else to take care of you. Position your life so you can relocate your business, your family, and your life at a moment’s notice so you always have a plan B when the shit hits the fan.

Break Free from Bosses

Being a Renegade means never having to take orders from a boss again. By creating a portfolio of “FU” money, through investments and through your own business gives you complete freedom and liberty to do what you want without ever needing to be reliant on another man (or woman) again for as long as you live. Whether it be a location-independent business, trading company, or alternative investments like cryptocurrency, international real estate, gold, and silver, we have the resources and information to get you started.

Break Free From Borders

Renegades live wherever they want. Whether it be on a secluded beach, mountain retreat, or bustling city. Or maybe they have a home or investment property in each. They carry second passports and have second residencies. They use banks that suit their business and personal goals, even if they are located around the world. Renegades aren’t bothered by those imaginary lines drawn on a map, they are free.

Attention: Internet Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Expats, and Investors

Use an "International Identity" to Cut Taxes, Create Generational Wealth, and Live with Total Liberty Anywhere in the World

In this powerful report you’ll discover:

  • Our Top 9 countries to easily establish your tax-protected banking strategy (and one sketchy country to stay away from)
  • The “6-Shelter Accounts” banking strategy you must establish to protect and preserve your cash from unnecessary taxation and fees.
  • The 122 square miles “Crypto Mecca” is regarded as the most friendly and lucrative place to incorporate your location-independent business. You’ll enjoy zero capital gains or income taxes here if you incorporate them properly.
  • Much more

Get Started Banking on Bitcoin in Just a Few Minutes

This Step-By-Step Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan Takes You From Zero to Knowing More About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency than 98.7% of the World Within Minutes.

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Guides, Courses, Memberships, And More

International Identity Freedom Playbook

Get the playbook for finding more freedom in this unfree world.

Open an HL-100 Account

Uncover the “HL-100 Account” Average People are Using Today, to Grow Wealthy and Take Financial Control Away from the Banks…

Banking on Bitcoin Action Plan

Start Buying, Holding, Spending, Earning, Trading, and Selling Bitcoin in 74 Minutes Flat

If you were invited to join a select group of entrepreneurs, investors, and free thinkers who are saying ``Fuck You`` to the system and taking back control of their personal and business freedom… WOULD YOU?

What Are You Waiting For? Your Renegade Lifestyle Starts Here… This is your chance to join the not-so-secret world of location-independent capitalists who know that:

  • Having a Plan B residency or offshore bank is not illegal
  • Incorporating your company outside your home country isn’t illegal
  • Doing business from a hammock overlooking the Caribbean is not illegal
  • Diversifying your risks globally isn’t illegal
  • Protecting your assets against government greed is not illegal
  • Anonymizing your right to free trade through cryptocurrency is not illegal; and
  • Avoiding being taxed on your income outside your home country isn’t illegal either.

But it is… very, very smart…

It’s Not Easy… But it’s Simple… And a Shit Load of Fun!

Become a Renegade

Are you a Renegade? Do you want to chart your own course, live your own life, do whatever you want, when you want, with who you want, anywhere you want in the world? Join our community and leave the B.S. American Dream behind for a life of real freedom.

Set Your Goals

Determine what freedom means to you. What is your “Fuck You” dollar amount that will set you free? And once you have that Drop-Dead money, how will your life change?

Discover the Skills of a Renegade

Discover the world of second passports and residency, offshore banking, cryptocurrency, self-sufficiency, and the exact information you need to break free from the system… While still living within the system.

Join the Movement

The world needs more Renegades who are willing to do whatever it takes to build a lifestyle and other businesses, invest in their lifestyles, and make a bigger impact on the world. It needs rule breakers… not more authoritarian rule makers.

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