Building High-Impact
"Cancel-Proof" Businesses for
Freedom Lovers

Discover How to Create More Impact, Earn More Income, Become Cancel and Censor-proof, and Pursue Your Life's Mission

More Income

Cancel Proof

More Impact

More Freedom

Our Passion is Creating Independent Lifestyles for High-Level and Future High-Level Entrepreneurs and Investors

We help ambitious and high-level entrepreneurs find real personal, financial, and location independence. Or, as we like to say, we help freedom lovers break the chains of bureaucrats, bankers, bosses, and borders. Our Guarantee: For internet entrepreneurs, business owners, expats, digital nomads, internationally-minded investors and anyone else who believes in freedom and liberty, the value you’ll experience working with us will surpass your expectations.

Our goal is to help you…

Be Unconventional

Find your way out of the conventional 40-hour work week, long commutes, and conventional living and trade it for a lifestyle of your dreams anywhere.

Build a Better Lifestyle

Build a Location Independent business and find lucrative investments that fulfill your dreams and give you the jet-setter lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Eliminate Tax Legally

Legally reduce or eliminate tax using legal internationalization strategies previously only available to the 1%.


Run a business, invest, or protect your assets abroad. The world is now your playground so experience it to its fullest potential.

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Meet The Team

Glen Kowalski
Founder and CEO

Glen is the founder of Palm Tree Research and its chief strategist. He is a funnel architect, customer acquisition expert, and direct response copywriter.

His personal mission and reason to be alive is to help other liberty seekers find the lifestyle and freedom they are looking for. And giving them the ability to have true location independence anywhere in the world.

Mari-Louise Kaplan
Editorial Director

As a law, business, and marketing graduate, Mari-Louise has worked with major international brands over the past 20 years as a communications strategist and writer.

Her career journey has been truly rewarding – giving her the freedom to swim with dolphins in Cuba, play with pandas in China, run with huskies under the Aurora and walk the red carpet at Cannes.

Nikolaij Bjerck
Director of Acquisitions

Nikolaij is what you get when you blend media buying, growth hacking, and email marketing together into a systematic potent mix.

He’s passionate about people achieving what he calls «life autonomy», a way of living that enables choice in people's lives to achieve what they set their minds to, and helping others solve their problems to achieve this.

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